Diamond Glaze

Diamond Glaze

Diamond Glaze tips

* To avoid bubbles in DG hold the bottle upsidedown for at least 30
*Seal your favorite techniques like Paper Mosaic, Stained glass.or
paper applique to keep the cut papers from lifting.
* Attach embellishments like raffia, plastic, beads ,metal or plastic
mesh, Mizuhiki cord, charms, glass, shells, ribbon,wood, buttons or
basically anything that you can attach with white or hot glues
* Use DG to create a dimensional look on any image printed or stamped
on paper. Apply directly from the bottle for height or use a small
paint brush and layer.
*DG will make colors appear deeper especially watercolored and markers
*DG can be mixed with many other craft products and art supplies like watercolor paints, dyes, glitters, Pearl Ex, any type of acrylic paints or mediums and any dry pigments.
* DG makes a nice clear thin glaze for a variety of products including cooked poly clays, water color, paper beads,shrink plastic, metal and embossed papers.
* Create your own glazes by mixing DG with dye reinker and Pearl Ex. This mix looks great on acetate
and other plastics and even on embossed papers
*DG makes fabulous Crytallina papers. Lay a small piece of tissue paper on a craft sheet. Mix DG with a small amount of dye reinker or acrylic paint. To this mix sprinkle and mix in Pearl Ex. Paint this mixture on the tissue add a bit of glitter or more Pearl EX. Let dry then peel off the craft sheet. the paper is see through but very tough, great for collage.
*DG is great for decopauge simply glue down the pieces with DG then apply two coats of DG over the top.
* DG can be used as a resin substitute in jewelry pieces or bottle caps. Add a photo copy or sticker to the bottom of a bezel or bottle cap. Fill with DG wait 24 hours. Dg will be clear for depth up to 1/4 inch.
*Create cool recycled plastics using DG over alcohol inks. Try this, cut a shape out of thick or heavy blister packaging. Apply alcohol inks to the plastic to change the color. Once dry apply a layer of DG or drizzle it wildly over the piece to create texture. Punch a small hole and attach it to a card with a brad or eyelet.
*Dress up old Christmas ornaments by dipping them in DG then rolling in glitter, glass beads or ROXs. Clear Roxs mixed with glitter and clear glass beads looks like snow.
*The new super thin applicator top is great for writing with DG then apply glitter or beads.


Kathi said...

Hate to admit it but when my van got a chip in the windshield from a rock I tried Diamond Glaze - it stopped the spread of the break. Another crafty moment - if it works do it!

Maryjo McGraw said...

that is excellent