Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Dylusion sprays on tough surface.

On the Secret Blog today Dylusion Spray! Join today only $45 for a lifetime. See the sidebar for details and links.
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Friday, November 17, 2017

This Blog VS the SECRET BLOG

I like to post a little here and a lot more on the SECRET BLOG. Most of what is here is related to events. Ocassionally I do a project. Like today. Here is the only page I will show here from my Forgotten Journal. All the rest are on the SECRET BLOG. Join us..........Here is your bonus of the week though...Go to at the bottom of your order put MaryJo10 and get a surprise discount! This stencil is called BOHO fabric. I am using a pink PITT pen here since Pitt pens are india ink they go over most surfaces.
including old dyes and paint.
Just filling in the stencil with color
at the end of the page I flipped the stencil and created an eye from the design.
More on this particular page soon......Lots more on the secret blog with the other pages.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Winter is here....Classes in town are done for the moment. Join us in the SECRET BLOG for winter fun!

COME on and join us. Loads of fun stuff and lots of info. There are projects and lots of journals, altered books

and more. Its only $45 for a lifetime membership!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Background Crazy for Crayons class Friday Nov 10 2017 LAST CLASS of the season

Friday Nov 10 from 4-7pm I will be doing our last class of the season at 88 Sargent DR Hayden Crossing in Hayden ID. Join me for a fun technique based class for journaling and cardmakers alike. We will be going CRAYON CRAZY with every kind of crayon I can think of to show you. Water soluble or wax based, we will have loads of fun with stencils, layering methods and simple coloring techniques. We will use stamps and collage and so much more. I hope you can join us for this one since I won't be back until the spring!

You can always Join the SECRET BLOG for all this info TOO!  Its only $45 for gobs of info and you get it for a lifetime....ONE price forever!

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

New Class on Friday October 27th 2017

Oct 27 Colored Pencil for Christmas 4-7pm $25 at Hayden Crossing 88 Sargent Dr Hayden ID
Join me this coming Friday for a fun, fast paced, Christmas Card class using colored pencils and more. If you have not tried colored pencil before this class will reveal some of the tricks to acheiving brilliant color and simple shading and if you have tried colored pencil and find it to slow then this class is for you!
Send me a message here or on facebook if you are coming

Monday, October 16, 2017

Cards, Classes and the Secret Blog

Well we had a great class Friday the 13th, wonderful ladies and lots of laughs as always! Here is a finished example of one of the cards from class. This one uses a Fred Mullett stamps (stamp). I know the text is upside down! I actually like the card in the other direction....thats what I love about square cards. I hope you can join us for the next class on Friday October 27th which will be Christmas Cards in Colored Pencil! Same place, same time.... More info to follow tomorrow! BTW There are new posts on the Secret Blog! If you have not joined is the time. Click on the side post for more info or just message me here.
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Saturday, October 14, 2017

What is the Secret Blog??????

I created the Secret Blogs a few years back so I could post ideas and concepts to my old customers/friends in a more private way with out having to travel. Many of you go out and teach classes yourselves and I am OK with you passing these ideas along.
When you join it is for a lifetime.
Right now there are 2 Secret Blogs ;
#1Just you and Me (the original secret blog) #2 the Draw & Play Secret Blog.
There are over 1200 posts with photos. 25 pages including info on Gelli Plate, art materials transfers altered books ,journals, greeting cards and much more.
I only post the info to those in the Secret Blog the info is not posted anywhere else.....although I make mistakes so be memory is not what it use to be. You get in by knowing the code and the blog secret name.
If you have joined in the past and don't remember the info contact me.
If you would like to join it is $45 for both blogs that is for a lifetime (as long as Blogger is running)
You can pay it through Pay Pal.   Contact me here or on Facebook with questions. I hope you will join us if you haven't already.
This week on the Secret Blog I will be working on a sample journal that I started several years back when I was still demonstrating often in classes and at shows.It is part of my Alphabet set of journals and altered books Letter L and is going to feature Fred Mullett Stamps and A Colorful Life Designs Stencils (use maryjo10 to get a discount when you order stencils).
This journal has many base stencils from the past several years and used lots of acrylic spray paint base(which creates some issues for future artwork). So I will be explaining how to fix problems using acrylic paint in books like dealing with stickiness and how to make different media work on acrylic.

Dylusion sprays on tough surface.

On the Secret Blog today Dylusion Spray! Join today only $45 for a lifetime. See the sidebar for details and links. posted from Blogge...