Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Altered Book Class Friday at the Rhinebeck NY Fairgrounds

Check out for details.
See you there


anna Betzolt said...

Hi Mary jo,

I met you a couple of times taking your classes when you came to AZ. (at the Glendale thing). I got out of rubber stamping and altered arts for a few years and want to take it up again. My question is, didn't you do a book that had a lot of projects done with Omni gel? I could almost swear it was you but looking through my book of yours i don't see it covered. Is it in a different book you did? Or last maybe it wasn't you. and if not i am so so sorry. I could of just sworn it was. Do you still come to AZ? I dont know if they still have that convention in the summer or not. Thanks for any help you have!
I'm glad i found your blog. Now I can see what you are up to :)! My email is
thanks again,
anna b

Pieces of me said...

Hey Mary Jo,
It was so awesome seeing you at the Rhinebeck NY show again this year. I was the woman chatting you up towards the end of the show on Sat. about various SB celebs. OHH and how much you inspire me.
I totally forgot to ask you about the micro glaze which you demo'd last year. Can you remind me wht to do with this so I can use it LOL.
Thanks so much and I hope it was a good show.

maryjo mcgraw said...

Yes I did do a book using Omni Gel ....Vintage Greeting Cards from Northlightbooks,
Since that book an even better product came along Tranz-it Gel From JudiKins, works in the same way as Omni with better results on more surfaces!   Maryjo Mcgraw