Monday, September 3, 2007

Frenzy Stamper Weekend

Well I am back home for a day and just downloaded some pics from my trip.
I always have such a good time hanging out with Debbie. Her store is a warm and inviting( just like Debbie) place with tons of personality and a huge selection of stamps and product. We had a hard time fitting all the JudiKins stamps in, so many were just left on the counter!
I love going down to teach at FS plenty of room in the class area and so many familiar faces from the days of
Rubber Stampede( that was the original show in the area run by Elaine Madrid of Carmen's Veranda)
These are a couple of photos from the beeswax class, myself and Debbie and the store. sorry I took this one late in the day and it is a bit dark.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Hey MaryJo,
Looks like you had a blast! I *LOVE* Debbie and her store! It is one of the best around.
Any treks to So CA any time soon?

maryjo mcgraw said...

In the Spring I will be in LA so I hope I 'll see you then!
I know you are headed for Frenzy stamper Next Month they are looking forward to seeing you!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Sounds good! Drop me a note when you can...know some stores that would love to see youuuuuuuuuuu!! (So would I!)

Debbie said...

Mary Jo: Thank you so much for a great weekend..
I will get all those stamps on the counter will send you photo's..
can't wait till next class. see you then.
have fun. always Debbie
PS: thanks Kelly see you next month.   Maryjo Mcgraw