Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Great Art Adventure in Spokane

Well I lived through another busy weekend of fun and frenzied activity!
The Great Art Adventure is run by Spokane Art Supply and I hope that next year it will be bigger and better and many more stamps.
I worked for both Golden Paint and Jaquard for the event which was wonderful and took home great stuff from several other vendors including Ampersand.


Claire said...

Hi Mary Jo , just found your blog. Looks good! It will be great to keep up with your latest works and travels.

Debbie Bick owner said...

Looks like your staying very
heh i finally did a blog and link you
it's take a look..
hope all is good......were starting to get busy again..also i need rob's email
so i can send him info...please thanks.
see ya Debbie

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