Monday, February 4, 2008


Back in the desert for a few days till CHA.
My dad likes to play with rocks so here is his latest cairn and
one of my brothers got a couple of new puppies so I thought I show a picture of each.They are pretty cute, eh?
The demo at Saltwater went very well. If you get a chance to check it (Saltwater)out do! Downtown Fullerton is a great place to shop.
This week before I head over to CHA I hope to check out a few of the galleries here in Joshua Tree including Art Queen. 29 palms and Joshua Tree are home to many murals as well as galleries as well as a few good thrift and antique stores. This time of year the weather is usually great except for the occasional sand storm or flash floods, HA, we have had both this past week!

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Kristy C said...

I noticed there were some really kewl places in Joshua tree! I need to stop there sometime (or make a trip out there!) I am in Beaumont so not too terribly far!