Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mica Magic

This posting is for the folks who have Mica Magic questions (especially for NICOLE). When I demo for JudiKins we have a simple technique (originally done by Rosie Portillo of JudiKins) that we show using Mica Magic inks(reinkers) and brayers or brushes.
These inks are incredibly metallic and dry really fast for a pigment ink. Simply roll a soft brayer over the ink onto a palette or Ranger Craft sheet then roll onto your favorite paper. Coated paper will give a more metallic look, uncoated papers look more like silk. Mixing a few colors together is gorgeous.
If you think you might like a more textured finish use a color duster or fan brush.
These are some scraps I had of the brayer technique using Burnt Orange and Yellow Gold then stamped with Purple. The little bit of EP is from Powder Keg I think it is called Tapestry.
We only use the reinkers since the ink is so fast drying, pads are not the easiest choice.
If you like this idea get your hands on the Mica Magic refills ASAP I have heard that they may discontinue this ink soon


Laura lok said...

ohhh very cool

Nicole said...

Thank you so much for posting this, Mary Jo! :D

Sandie R said...

Hi, I belong to the same group as Nicole and when she was talking about this technique I wondered since I didn't have MIca Magic inkers would something else work. I tried the same think with Opalite inkers and achieved the same kinds of results. So if they discontinue Mica Magic there is always Opalites.

Heather said...

What a neat technique! Thanks for telling me you had a blog.

Heather (the one looking for King James glossy replacement)