Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's going on?

Well I am back from another successful cruise with the gang. We had a great time playing,drinking eating,eating and eating! A big THANKS to all the cruisers and especially Anne Garcia who organizes this trip!
Thanks to Tim we learned a new addictive dice game as fun as BUNCO...Left,Right, Center is the name I think! Very easy...if you know your right from your left...very fun! Also a big thanks to Terry and Susan Tyson for a nice visit and Robin Knutson for all her help!
I have a bunch of pictures to download and mucho repacking to do but I will be ready for this Friday at Stampin' from the Heart and Saturday at Island Images see the schedule for ph#'s. there is till room for some classes.
Also Check out Judi Watanabe of JudiKins new blog which she just started today! I am sure she is putting on as much info on JK stuff and her CraftTV Weekly spots!


ginny said...

Ha! L-R-C! My grandson taught us how to play it when he was 5. After he went to bed, we played for dollar bills. Much more fun than chips and the more the merrier. Now it is a family tradition to play whenever we are all together.

nancy y said...

ahhh, the packing and unpacking.
Cruise clothes made it to laundry room - tote bags of art stuff still awaiting unpacking!

What a fun, fun cruise it was - it's awakened my creativity!

Laura Kirste Campbell said...

That's so nice of you to encourage Judi's new blog...I left a comment for her.

Anonymous said...

Hey! So happy to hear the cruise ROCKED!!!! I tagged both you and Judi on my blog today :) I can't wait to see the random things you write about yourself LOL.

Nicole said...
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Laura lok said...

SOOO jealous maybe next year I can make this sounds like a blast

Nicole said...

Hi Mary Jo! Sounds like an uber-fun cruise!

Technique question for you... at the Novi, MI convention last August, you demonstrated a technique using Mica Magic re-inkers and a brayer (I think!). Now that I'm finally getting around to playing with it, I can't remember exactly how you did it. Would you be so kind as to refresh my memory so that I can refresh my stamping buddies memories? Thanks!!

{re-submitting this to add my email addy: nkowalk at gmail dot com}