Sunday, April 27, 2008

JudiKins Mosaic Tape

This is MOSAIC tape sold at JudiKins it come in two sizes one inch and two inch widths.
I even know the code number of the two inch which is what I recommend, GP007. I quite often get this question..... why did I buy this tape????
Well it is simply one of the best tapes ever made. I use it for making stickers with my punches since it is a paper lined tape you can punch it easily. It can be foiled, embossed, beaded, layered and Pearl EXed( I know that it poorly phrased). I use it frequently for temporarily mounting rubber dies on acrylic or on the backs of mounted stamps. I put cards together with it.I even put things on my walls with it, small framed pictures or fabric work well.I use it to put fabric quickly on chipboard books. Pretty much anything thing that is paper to paper or fabric to fabric ( you can even sew over it).I have NEVER had a card put together with this tape fall off and I do have 15 year old cards and books I have done with it.
I do use Miracle tape for clear applications especially when using colored holeless beads and when applying acetate to things!


Erin Glee said...

That tape sounds great...thanks for the tip--I'm going to find some to play with!

Anonymous said...

Mary Jo...Does Linda have this tape at CE? Sounds like what I need for a few of my art projects, but have never used it before.

Thanks for all the great tips on your blog.

Shelly Atkinson said...

I need your advise on Diamond Glaze...can you email me?

work email is:


Anonymous said...

Thanks, MaryJo, finally found it in their on-line catalog--not under adhesives but under graphic tools. And for some reason, in my browser Mosaic tape only comes up in the on-line store if you click on the left side and not on the adhesives icon. Knowing it REALLY was there helped!

Laura Kirste Campbell said...

MaryJo, I have a gift for you! Please email me when you get a moment.

Creatively Yours, Laura

Unknown said...

Yes, yes, yes. I knew I had to have this tape when I first saw Mary Jo talk about it in her DVD once upon a time. I searched relentlessly for it and finally found it on the Judikins website / online shop. But you're right, it's not listed where it *should* be so you have to hunt for it. Here is the link.

Also, Mary Jo used to have a Diamond Glaze tips sheet on the home page of this blog. If it's not there now, you can go to the Judikins website for this, too. It's either under products or projects. This is another thing that has a million and one uses!


Unknown said...

I just checked and Mary Jo's Diamond Glaze tips are still on the home page of this blog. Look to the right and down a little ways and you'll find it! These are super helpful - I use DG for almost everything now.