Monday, April 7, 2008

Why I like Snow

It is still snowing today although not sticking. It is a challenge that is for sure. took three sets of friends and neighbors to pull me out of the driveway over the last few day. It is so pretty and to be honest it makes me stay home on days I am tempted to head into town so in a way it is relaxing.
BTW here are pics of my grandpuppy Juno! Cute huh!


Miss Bliss said...

OOOOOOOOOH what a cute puppy...what kind of dog is she?

Dawn @ alteredartists said...

I have a question...I took a class from you long ago one technique was Colorbox Chalk Inks on Kromecoat paper. How come I am stamping with Bisque and Alabaster and after I smear the colors on top you can't see the background image in alabaster~a frustrated stampin fan of yours!

Bernie Berlin said...

Super cutie!!! Betcha he is a vicious kisser:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Jo. I took a class from you in Sandusky this weekend and meant to ask you a question. I love the 'Silk' iridescent paints made by former company Stampa Rosa. They are the ones that come in the little nail polish type bottle. I figured you'd know if there was another product like this out on the market currently.

My email is

Thanks! I really enjoyed your class.

Frobisher said...

What an adorable dog! How much is it?