Sunday, June 29, 2008

Its SUMMER here in Idaho

That means that yard control is all about getting out there everyday and weeding for hours! today it is in the 90's so I need to wait until it cools down a bit before I head out there again.
So... I am posing a few new photos.... one is of Chica my new kitten who I hope will be helping with the mole/ gopher situation around here. Chica came from my coworker Morgan who lives on a farm, I will be getting one more cat as well but thought I better get use to them one at a time. Chica is very sweet not the usual barn cat.
It is Iris season here and many of them came up beautifully. Others not so much. I did a bunch of dividing last year and more to do this fall.


Nicole Lund said...

Cute kitty! Geuss what? I had a card picked up for pub (in Paper Crafts) using the Judikins stamp and Matte Kote that I got at our last stamp club meeting. How cool is that?

Maryjo McGraw said...