Tuesday, October 7, 2008

PHOTOS on the way I swear!

Ken M at the main store in Spokane promised me a disc of photos from the show I hope I will get Tomorrow!
STAMP Club is Wed night We are trying to start a little earlier 5:30 pm hope all the regulars will be there and a new member or two!

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MicheleMitchell said...

Hi Mary Jo,

This is Michele Mitchell, the very eager student at last week's Great Arts Adventure. I also came into Creative Element and Spokane Arts Supply after the event. You might remember me?!

First, I am checking out your website and notice a reference to one of my all time favorite singer/songwriters... Neil Finn (with Crowded House). Wow, could it be true? Are you also a fan?

Anyway, I am trying to recreate something Judi taught during her Rubber Paper Scissors class and because I didn't take notes, I can't seem to remember the type of ink she used and the technique we used for the first project during that class. Is there any way I can get ahold of her to review this class? We used multiple colors of ink and stamped onto the paper after the ink was applied to create a resist type look.

Also you mentioned a chat website you moderate. What is the address of that website. You can send me a reply to my email address:

Thanks and I really enjoyed the classes at the Great Arts Adventure and also the wonderful customer service at Spokane Art Supply.

Best Regards,

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