Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Collage on Canvas June 19th

It is already the middle of the year can you believe it and summer classes in the Inland Northwest are coming fast and furious. If you are in the area in June I am doing a great class for those wishing to learn about collage in your own style!!!
June 19th a single day workshop on collage on canvas but you can work on any surface you would like. Learn to paste up your favorite images into a cohesive piece of work or if you love landscape we can cover that as well. I will be showing you how to collage with or without wrinkles, add details with dry media and use acrylic to your best advantage.
I will also be showing how to create a faux beeswax finish using gel mediums.
It is a punchcard class so rack them up and get a Free Class by the Fall!!!!!


debra said...

WOW...love the colors!
You are the "Queen" of collage.

byodbuzz08 said...

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