Saturday, March 24, 2012

MY NEW secret blog!

If you check out the sidebar and see a paypal button....yes I am finally doing something online. After realizing that I cannot go out on the road as much due to many factors(including my new grandbaby coming next month) I wanted to do online classes. Starting to work on that I decided I do not have the technical skills or the time since I still work fulltime.
Then I thought about a subscription blog could be the answer for me........ YEAH!
So you will get a full year of (24) projects/techniques and info for $35 such a deal! May will be about bacgrounds for cards and journals. I hope you all will join me.


nancy y said...

This will have to do, unless I can move in with my sister in Spokane Valley ;-)

Marylinn Kelly said...

What a good idea. People all over the world will have access to your ideas and techniques. Wishing you much success.

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