Thursday, April 5, 2012

the internet is amazing and scary

well not having a computer for a week is weird and yet when my old mac died the other day i did not panic. all those images are out there somewhere on google images or in my blogs or on my picasa or tumbler pages. the scary thing is they are out there for anyone to grab you just have to hope the scary people don't want my stuff. I was digging around and found a few old images and some Micro Glaze ideas that are way back in my blog.

 What do I do with Micro Glaze?

There are four basics with Micro Glaze
1. Resists
 You can stamp with Micro glaze or mask with it to create resist effect
2. Fixative,
 waterproofing agent
3. Mix 
with Pearl Ex for a metallic rub on
4.It is a great buffing agent for all ink especially fluid chalks and alcohol ink
A more recent favorite is removing the final bit of felty paper left after a polymer transfer


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