Monday, May 13, 2013

Metallic paint & pencil

Just another Journal....... the background was a mess of paint I had used a few nights back Bronze, Micaceous Iron Oxide, Green Gold, Vat Orange (Golden of course) ....I was using this as the palette for another project. The next day I did a bit of scribbling with a white pencil ( a Stabilo All) then took a homemade stencil and outlined in black pen. Just a few dashes of orange to highlight the guy (which looks great over the bronze)......that's it for now.


debra said...

This looks GREAT!

Mariel said...

Not really sure WHERE to comment, so I'm going to scatter words Everywhere! Am looking fwd to Visual Journaling tonight and making my very own people stencils. Great directions here, but more fun in person.   Maryjo Mcgraw