Wednesday, July 17, 2013

No Studio Play or mixed media group this week

Something from the wayback just to let you know that our mixed media group is cancelled tonight sorry kids,  I am a bit under the weather .Also no Studio Play this weekend just want to take it easy.


JulieRig said...

Maryjo, I was thinking about you this past week when we went to Lancaster, PA and found this amazing little hardware store with a beehive in it. I purchased some blocks of their beeswax and it conjured up the class you taught at Heather's store ages ago where we did collage and used beeswax on top. After looking at your site I'm really eager to go home and work on some canvas collage art. Hope all is well, JulieRig from PA!

Maryjo Mcgraw said...

That was a million years ago huh Julie? I hope you have loads of waxy fun!

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