Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Abstract Class At Spokane Art Supply Feb 8th 2014

Class at Spokane Art Supply
Abstract painting  $45
Sat Feb 8th 2014with Fluid and Hi Flow Acrylics
call 509-327-6622 to reserve a spot
Discover the joy of abstract painting through a variety of techniques 
including pours, skins and glazing with NEW HiFlow acrylics. 
In class you will PLAY with loads of paint and different substrates. 
We will talk about color, texture and composition. Paint is provided 
as well as some substrates!
Sat Feb 8th 10am-4pm bring a lunch
an apron
A variety of paint brushes
A couple of substrates ( canvas, hardboard or 300 lb paper) 
GO Bigger than you normally would!
paper towels
palette or butcher tray

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