Friday, September 22, 2017

Visual Journal Basics NEW Class 2017 Hayden Idaho

So after a few years of not teaching I am getting back on the horse......For those of you that have never taken a class with me I am not the type of teacher that is going to give you something to copy and make (although you can if you like) I want you to learn how to be creative in your own style. That can sometimes be uncomfortable at first. I will help you through that!

This first class back I will be teaching a three hour class in Visual Journal Basics. This class in particular will focus on background techniques including; color decisions, stencil and stamping basics, using what you have on hand and collage.

The class will be held at Hayden Crossing 88 Sargent Dr Hayden Idaho 83835 from 4-7pm Friday September 29th 2017
The fee for this class is $25

You will need to bring a journal of decent size and quality, 8x10 or larger. I prefer Bee paper or Strathmore will be perfect

Bring along markers, colored pencils and stamp pads of any type and products that you may have questions about. Also bring a bag of make up sponges. I will bring everything else.

To sign up Contact Me here or on Facebook messenger or on my FB page there are only 15 spots in this class so check in with me quickly. I will give you info on payment to hold your spot.


Pam p said...

Hey MaryJo glad to see you back! Loved all your classes in the past.I will be there!

Maryjo McGraw said...

Thanks Pam see you there!