Thursday, November 2, 2017

Background Crazy for Crayons class Friday Nov 10 2017 LAST CLASS of the season

Friday Nov 10 from 4-7pm I will be doing our last class of the season at 88 Sargent DR Hayden Crossing in Hayden ID. Join me for a fun technique based class for journaling and cardmakers alike. We will be going CRAYON CRAZY with every kind of crayon I can think of to show you. Water soluble or wax based, we will have loads of fun with stencils, layering methods and simple coloring techniques. We will use stamps and collage and so much more. I hope you can join us for this one since I won't be back until the spring!

You can always Join the SECRET BLOG for all this info TOO!  Its only $45 for gobs of info and you get it for a lifetime....ONE price forever!

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