Monday, October 15, 2007

Question about links

Hi all ,
I recently had a comment questioning my links. No screwing involved! Here is my process. If I like you, your artwork, your product or all of the above I will link you but I do expect a link to this blog in kind. Having said that check out the disclaimer on


Anonymous said...

LOL, MaryJo... thanks for the link and the next time you're in town, I'll have my dog chew your panties! Stampo

Anonymous said...

Hi MaryJo,
I've just put a link to your blog on my home page... check it out when you get a chance... thanks again! I think I need to send you some Miracle Tape so you can have it as one of your favorites too... it's now 55 yards instead of 36 so 11 times longer than that shitty redliner tape... what's your address to send it to?

maryjo mcgraw said...

Great WayniKINS Thanks!

suzi finer said...

Hey Ms Mary Jo...I just happily found your blog and linked you up big time. Hope all is well with you (let me know next time you're in town!)
love love love!!!

Pieces of me said...

Ok well someone needs to fill me in on miracle tape. I use red liner tape so I want to know why miracle tape is better. Please enlighten me.

Wanda H said...

Wonderful ATCs!!!   Maryjo Mcgraw