Sunday, December 30, 2007


The all time great Rubberstampmadness has a nice blurb about my blog on the surf city section . Thanks RSM!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Books DVDs and such

Sorry I had to make a change on my template to fit the slideshow of my books and DVDs. I must admit I was lazy and did not put this info on earlier. click on and it should take you to Amazon where you can purchase my stuff new or used. I love it when you can support local stores but I know many of you don't have stores close by.

Happy Holidays

The end of the year again, yikes. It has been snowing quite a bit almost four feet high around the house much of that is from the roof 9snow sliding off) although there is a good 2 ft on the ground.
Tapas and I spent Christmas down in Coeur d Alene at my daughter's new house. It was nice not having to drive back and forth. Had a great time while I was there got into the first two seasons of Weeds. Ate some pizza which I cannot get delivered at my place.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Just a light snow last night but it makes the trees so pretty. On the other hand my driveway is a skating rink. Spikes must be worn!

Thanks Marva

Thanks for this adorable fabric ornament. It makes me want to break out the Singer and whip up a few myself. Check out Marva's blog It looks easy to mail as well a big plus this time of year!

Vintage Stamps

I am shocked at how long it has been since I posted anything. No real excuses, I have been working at Creative Element and Spokane Art Supply a bit over the winter and by the time I get home it is dark and I am exhausted so I have been lazy.
I thought some of you old school stampers would like to see a VINTAGE stamp I found the other day at a thrift store here ...a 1988 PSX gem HAPPY WINTER. 25 cents what a deal. PSX used to have the most beautiful indexing and varnish it was easily cleaned up (almost black with ink when I found it). Back then they had a bunch of sort of primitive folk art designs that I love. I am always on the hunt for old stuff.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Not snowing but crispy

Today I am still packing up the leftovers and the weather is better. Lots of crispy snow outside but it was sunny so we(Tapas & myself )went for a bit of a walk in our woods. Crunchy would be a good description. I really need to take a picture or two of a bunch of things, the snow, the Christmas stuff I am making and the tree. Maybe this weekend, HA!
Updated my schedule a little for the beginning of 2008. It is not everything just what I have truly on the schedule to date. Keep checking back for dates and places.

Monday, December 3, 2007

the sale

Well it went just fine. A few folks got here just before the bad weather hit. They cleaned me out of a few things. Still plenty of stuff here though. stay posted if there is a chance of clear waether before mid Jan I will try again.
Today is a slush puppy literally. My driveway did not get plowed in time and now it is a soggy mess. The rain could clear it up by this afternoon I hope.