Friday, March 28, 2008

Here in Sunny Scottsdale

Made it to Scottsdale! Last event on this LONG TRIP.
Frenzy Stamper is huge. Debbie moved back in January and boy what an incredible difference there is so much more space of course debbie is filling it up FAST. I will post some pics tonight when I get back from classes. Todays classes are Mosaic Cards and Pretty Pateras using the new Patera Glaze from JudiKins. It dries in minutes!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yes other inks will work to some extent

More questions on the faux metal technique...
If you do not have any Mica Magic try.....
Brilliance, Encore and other metallic pigment inks will work but they may take much longer to dry especially on coated papers. I am not big on Opalites just not enough omph for me! You can also try Acrylic metallic inks available at you local art supply (usually in with calligraphy goods) or even metallic fluid acrylics like Golden's Stainless Steel.This piece was done with irridescent Fluid Acrylics
Try it all you may come up with something fabulous.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Getting ready For the Frenzy Stamper!!

Just finishing up the packing for this weekends trip to Scottsdale's FABULOUS Frenzy Stamper. I be there Friday and Saturday with 5 classes. This is a sample of what my paper Mosaic class looks like up close! After this bunch of classes I will begin my trek home. I will not be home long though since Artiscape is coming up very quickly!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mica Magic

This posting is for the folks who have Mica Magic questions (especially for NICOLE). When I demo for JudiKins we have a simple technique (originally done by Rosie Portillo of JudiKins) that we show using Mica Magic inks(reinkers) and brayers or brushes.
These inks are incredibly metallic and dry really fast for a pigment ink. Simply roll a soft brayer over the ink onto a palette or Ranger Craft sheet then roll onto your favorite paper. Coated paper will give a more metallic look, uncoated papers look more like silk. Mixing a few colors together is gorgeous.
If you think you might like a more textured finish use a color duster or fan brush.
These are some scraps I had of the brayer technique using Burnt Orange and Yellow Gold then stamped with Purple. The little bit of EP is from Powder Keg I think it is called Tapestry.
We only use the reinkers since the ink is so fast drying, pads are not the easiest choice.
If you like this idea get your hands on the Mica Magic refills ASAP I have heard that they may discontinue this ink soon


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Busy days before a quiet weekend!

Today I did up a few samples for my classes in Scottsdale next weekend. Here is a look at them.The Patera Class the Rubbermoon color pencil class and the Golden Paste Paper are just three of the five classes I will be teaching.
I must say I had a great time at both Stampin From the Heart in Culver City and Island Images in Gardena. Karen and Kimi are both incredible storeowners willing to do what it takes for their customers! Both stores had an excellent and very different array of stamps especially JudiKins. I enjoyed all the folks who came out for classes both stores had very cheery fun ladies.
I can't wait to come back for a visit to both stores!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's going on?

Well I am back from another successful cruise with the gang. We had a great time playing,drinking eating,eating and eating! A big THANKS to all the cruisers and especially Anne Garcia who organizes this trip!
Thanks to Tim we learned a new addictive dice game as fun as BUNCO...Left,Right, Center is the name I think! Very easy...if you know your right from your left...very fun! Also a big thanks to Terry and Susan Tyson for a nice visit and Robin Knutson for all her help!
I have a bunch of pictures to download and mucho repacking to do but I will be ready for this Friday at Stampin' from the Heart and Saturday at Island Images see the schedule for ph#'s. there is till room for some classes.
Also Check out Judi Watanabe of JudiKins new blog which she just started today! I am sure she is putting on as much info on JK stuff and her CraftTV Weekly spots!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Indianapolis, The Cruise and BeYond

Back from Indianapolis where I saw my friends from CoffeeBreak Design Mike and Chris Meador. They had loads of new stencils (Which I will have on the cruise this weekend!They are so cool I covered my datebook with them using copic markers, the new Inkssential (Ranger) white pen and the Spica glitter pens.I will have to show you that when it is finished.
Meanwhile I am preparing for the cruise and for classes the following week at Stampin' from the Heart in LA and Island Images in Gardena see my schedule to get in on those classes.
Here is a little snippet of a card using Copic markers the stamps are from Carmen's Veranda.