Friday, July 17, 2009

BTW Cruise stuff

We have not heard yet about the new ship for a possible 2010 cruise yet!
PINS and NEEDLES as soon as I know anything I will post it, I swear.


Wow I am sorry it has taken me so long to post something. After coming back from California I have just been caught up in day to day work and catching up on the yard!
Its amazing how fast things grow and how 10 days of not going out to weed create a big pile of chaos!
I have spent the last 2 weeks weeding like mad and planning classes for the next few months and deciding where I want to travel next year. All these things must get done in the next week or two.Oh and download some new photos.
Stampaway ( August)is coming up fast so is our Spokane show the Great Art Adventure (Sept) and Gary Burlins show (Oct)will be here before you know it too!
So having said all that I don't remember how I use to do the traveling every weekend now that I am home most of the time I seem to have just as much (or MORE)to do. It is nice to be home where everything is blooming.