Monday, December 5, 2011

its Dec and I have not posted for a whole MONTH

Time passes so quickly here! I seriously cannot believe it have been a month since I posted something. OK the big news. My daugther Chelsea and her husband Nic are having a baby! YAY! I am so excited!!!!!!! We are all so happy about it. Our Stamp show news is coming soon, the date are April 14-15 2011 get on our facebook page so you can keep up with it all! The month of December is always a bit crazy so here is an updated schedule as weather permits of course: this week Dec 6th studio Play at Creative Element 4:30 pm Dec 7th Downtown Visual Journaling 5:30pm Check out for more info Dec13 Creative Element Visual Journaling Dec14 Studio Play at SAS downtown Dec 17th is our Christmas Party at my place anyone who has come to any of our groups is welcome. Email me for details or call 509-327-6622