Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas,Happy New Year & more on COPIC!

I hope everyone out there had a wonderful Christmas. I still have a few cards to send now for New Years, Ha. We had a bit more snow Christmas day and more to come I am sure but not that record snow we had last week. Yikes
More on Copic Markers
I have had a few requests for actual code numbers for the 12 pen colors I recommend so here goes BTW these are in the Sketch series but some may also be in the Ciao line
black 100
cobalt blue B26 (BLUE)
golden yellow Y17
cardinal R59 (blue red)
nile blue BG45 ( aqua/ blue green)
olive G99
chinese orange YR09 (bright orange)
red violet RV19(Magenta/deep hot pink)
Walnut E59 (rich umber brown)
Iris B79 (deepblue purple)
powder pink YR00 (pale peach)
apple green G14 (bright yellow green)
My choices vary according to what is avaliable at stores and shows,do not ridgedly adhere to these codes they are only suggestions. These are the same choices I would make in paints or any pigments if I was starting fresh.
Also remember Copics blend better on coated paper stocks (slick or smooth surfaces)like pen papers, glossy or MAtteKote (my favorite)
Enjoy !

Friday, December 19, 2008

We got slammed!

....With snow over the last two days and I am stuck at home for 4 days straight which is a good thing since I have TONS to do. to put this into perspective the bird bath is standing on a stump that is about a foot high and the bird bath itself is 3 feet high!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The saddest part of not traveling ....

Is not seeing all the friends I have made through the years all over the country!
So CONNIE since you gave me a prompt....that helps me figure out which Connie you are....Thanks. I have that Dark side pin with me in the car pinned to my visor and you can laugh, right next to my St Francis holy card! I am hoping to do a few events this year but with the economy I have a feeling it may only be a couple.
So stick with me here instead or come and visit me here for a weekend!
My next weekend workshop is a two day bookbinding FEST February 22&23 in Spokane. More info this weekend. Say Hi Connie to everyone in the BAY area!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

OMG! I can't believe..............

I have not written a thing for this long DANG!
OK so I have been working alot and trying to get things together for Christmas. I got my tree up last weekend and I am still adding bits and pieces to it. I am working on samples and such for different events including my BOOKBINDING weekend in February and Stampaway 2009. Oh and my limited schedule for next year.
It just snowed a little tonight should be gone by morning but I need some more wood much to do....
Anyway, Our Spokane Stamp Club meets tomorrow night (WED)Dec 10th come on by if you are in the area it starts at 5:30pm I will be showing Twinkling H2O's amongst other things.