Thursday, December 11, 2008

The saddest part of not traveling ....

Is not seeing all the friends I have made through the years all over the country!
So CONNIE since you gave me a prompt....that helps me figure out which Connie you are....Thanks. I have that Dark side pin with me in the car pinned to my visor and you can laugh, right next to my St Francis holy card! I am hoping to do a few events this year but with the economy I have a feeling it may only be a couple.
So stick with me here instead or come and visit me here for a weekend!
My next weekend workshop is a two day bookbinding FEST February 22&23 in Spokane. More info this weekend. Say Hi Connie to everyone in the BAY area!


nancy y said...

okay - since you won't be hitting the bay area (I'm Nancy, Connie's dark-side cohort) I'll have to really pay attention to your Spokane workshops and try and plan a trip to see my parents and do a workshop too!

Stay warm!

Sarah said...

Awwww, I guess this means you won't be in TX in Jan. at the Heirloom Show?