Friday, July 25, 2008

For all of you in Spokane

Hey all you locals in the Spokane, CDA Area! Our Stamp club that meets At the Downtown store has a blog for details on our meetings and other stamping art stuff go check it out! we just started so not much yet just a super private class this weekend shhh.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Fall Classes At Spokane Art & Creative Element

Well here is my class (PARTIAL) List for the store
Exploring techniques

with MaryJo McGraw
at Spokane art supply & Creative element (CDA)
Fall 2008
Call 208-661-0435 or email
For more examples check out
All Levels Welcome

August 15th @ SAS Fri 2:30 -5-30 August 30th @CDA Sat 10am-1pm
Printmaking 101 $30 3hours
Monoprinting is one of the easiest printmaking methods to learn and can be done with a minimum of equipment!
We will focus on nature prints with drawn elements and metallic embellishments. You'll also learn to carve you own stamps for added interest. Everything is provided just bring one piece of Stonehenge paper (white or natural) and your apron.

Art Journaling $30 3 hours@SAS Fri 2:30- 5:50
Jump start your creative juices through Art Journals. Join MaryJo for a fun class using pencils, pens, crayons, stamps, paints and more with simple techniques to use daily or weekly for infusing your art. Bring along a blank spiral bound book any size.... thats it! everything else is provided.

October 17th@SAS Fri 2:30 -5:30 September 6 @CDA Sat 10am-1pm
Off the Deep Edge $30 3 hours
Create incredible graphic art using deep edge canvas, acrylic paint and stencils. Not your Grandma's stencils ...modern number, letter and outline designs. Fast and easy ideas for fun art. Bring along your deep edge canvas (any size square) and your apron. All other supplies provided

October14 4-6 pm @ CDA Tues 4-6pm
Tricks and Treats for Hallloween cards $25
Two sweet treat Halloween cards and one tricky fun one to pass on to family or friends. Learn a bit about Copic markers along the way Everything provided just bring yourself!

November 11th 4-6pm @CDA $30 Tues 4-6 PM
Altered Sentimental Journey
Bring along copies of your favorite photos and learn to alter a small chipboard book with inks, paper, rub ons and more! QUIk & EASY for altered beginners and beyond.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

oops its....

Little Elaine

My very good friend Elaine Madrid (owner of Carmen's Veranda & Post Script Studio) has started a blog. Go check it out. Elaine is a font of info on Art in LA and the OC AND SHOPPING! She is also a fabulous writer. I think you all will enjoy her insight.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Great Art Adventure Classes now on .....

LAST three shows for me this year!!!!!!!!!!

Hey ALL the show we have here in Spokane Wa is expanding again to include classes in Altered /Outsider Art. Art Journaling classes with Kelly Kilmer, Metal classes with Martha Baliff and Terry Tyson. 3D projects with Robin Knutson and so much more. If you are interested check out and download a copy of the incredible class schedule.
Also the Stampaway USA show is coming up soon August 7-9! After 15 years it is still one of the best shows in the world! I will be working in the Carmen's Veranda booth and am looking forward to my class and demo at the show!
AND... The Novi Heirloom show is coming up on August 15-18 check out for more info

Friday, July 4, 2008

Nicole Lund

Stamp Club at Spokane Arts This week!

Hey all.... For those of you in the Spokane Area our Stamp Club at Spokane Art Supply meets this Wed at 6pm we will be doing a quick PopUps lesson plus other stuff. We would like to invite any and all stampers to join up also anyone interested in Altered Art, books and other paper arts!
Also Check out our club member Nicole Lund who get published all the time!

Stamp Club in Spokane

Nicole.... Who is in our Spokane Arts Stamp club is so cool she just got published again!