Thursday, January 29, 2015

On Facebook the 3/5 challenge

Finding multiple journal pages as the studio cleanout continues....I am only getting to it a couple of times a week. Right now I am going through my bags sorting and tossing things. Finding bags and bags of pens, crayons and more.  Meanwhile I Facebook I am caught up in my fourth 3/5 challenge. You know the one show 3 pieces of work for 5 days. I had to double up to stay caught up! 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

fixing up a journal page and starting the long clean out of the studio

The Magic Eraser!
Finally feeling up to doing some work in the studio. I began today, opening up old suitcases from my last few trips back in August. Amazing how you can let something go when you have big life changes and how hard it is to get back to playing again.
 I was looking at this page in one of my journals and thought it was a little dark. I knew this page had a silver spray under painting  so it could take a little scrubbing. Get out the Magic Eraser which is a great tool for removing color and lightening a piece. You must be careful not to scrub through the paper so take it slow and rinse the sponge often. Start by dipping the sponge in clean water then start in where you want a lighter effect.

You may end up scrubbing some of your lines out. They are easily put back!

I lightened up more of the inside to expose the silvery under painting.

Then I added some warmer tones and then layer a deep pink over the hearts

looks better with more contrast!