Sunday, April 27, 2008

JudiKins Mosaic Tape

This is MOSAIC tape sold at JudiKins it come in two sizes one inch and two inch widths.
I even know the code number of the two inch which is what I recommend, GP007. I quite often get this question..... why did I buy this tape????
Well it is simply one of the best tapes ever made. I use it for making stickers with my punches since it is a paper lined tape you can punch it easily. It can be foiled, embossed, beaded, layered and Pearl EXed( I know that it poorly phrased). I use it frequently for temporarily mounting rubber dies on acrylic or on the backs of mounted stamps. I put cards together with it.I even put things on my walls with it, small framed pictures or fabric work well.I use it to put fabric quickly on chipboard books. Pretty much anything thing that is paper to paper or fabric to fabric ( you can even sew over it).I have NEVER had a card put together with this tape fall off and I do have 15 year old cards and books I have done with it.
I do use Miracle tape for clear applications especially when using colored holeless beads and when applying acetate to things!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

OK... MADRIS chalk technique

I thought this technique was known worrld wide by now since I have been showing it at trade shows for 2 years,LOL.
Kathy Martin of Post Modern Designs showed me the resist quality of these ink and I took it in a crazy direction by layering the inks over and over.
To begin You will need
Matte Kote or Kromekote paper (JudiKIns AKA JK)
Colorbox fluid Chalk inks in a variety of colors including alabaster, burnt sienna,yellow ochre, french blue and dark brown
Eclispe Strips (JK)
Micro Glaze (JK)

Stamp several images in alabaster chalk ink on to the MatteKote paper (if using Kromekote allow to dry).
Using the direct to paper method apply yellow ochre chalk ink over the entire surface.
buff away the excess ink with a paper towel. This should reveal a resist effect between the alabaster and yellow ochre ink.
Apply the smallest size of eclispe strips in a grid pattern over the dry inks.
Add a layer of french blue ink within the squares then buff away excess. Let dry.
Doing several cards at once will keep you occupied and less impatient!
Apply the next size up of Eclispe Tape over the last set of strips. Add burnt sienna ink, buff then add the widest tape and finish with the dark brown ink. Let it dry well. Remove all the tape then buff with a bit of Micro Glaze.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

OOPS another Question

Altered Arts asked about the technique I show at conventions using Colorbox Chalk inks.
I usually use MatteKote Paper not Kromekote although both should work fine. The paper you might be using if it is coated and shiny could be plastic coated. Also be sure to only use Colorbox Chalk INK it is the only one that works for this!!!!!
Try letting the first layers of Bisque, alabaster or any yellows dry a bit longer before applying the second layer. Also use a strong color like a blue or red. Greens for instance are not as good for getting the resist. Let me know if this info helps!

More Artiscape and a question answered

Here is a small section of our small table at Artiscape. At the Table on Saturday I had time to color in a few of Elaine's sample B&W laminated images with Copic markers. They turned out so bright.
The Question of the day is from Susan Weber who asks if there is anything like the silk paint paint Stampa Rosa used to make.
Not that I have seen Susan but you could create a similar product for yourself by trying one of these formulas for yourself.
Diamond Glaze formula (Check my book Greeting Card Magic)
to 2 tablespoons of DG add 1 tablespoon of water. Add 6-10 drops of Die Reinker.
add a small amount of Pearl Ex less than a 1/4 teaspoon. shake or mix well paint on with a small brush. If it feels too thin add a bit more DG.
Acrylic ink formula
Add equal parts of Acrylic ink(like Doc Martens) to DG or Matte Medium (for a more matte finish. Paint on with a small brush.

A gorgeous day in Idaho

Well I am back and we finally are going to hit 60 degrees today. Hopefully the rest of my driveway will melt.
Elaine and I had a great time at Artiscape. The people at this event are always so nice and make it more fun every year! If you can get there next year DO IT! More later about Artiscape and a few technique questions stay tuned......

Monday, April 7, 2008

Why I like Snow

It is still snowing today although not sticking. It is a challenge that is for sure. took three sets of friends and neighbors to pull me out of the driveway over the last few day. It is so pretty and to be honest it makes me stay home on days I am tempted to head into town so in a way it is relaxing.
BTW here are pics of my grandpuppy Juno! Cute huh!

Friday, April 4, 2008


I am home and boy it feels great even though there is still a pile of snow and both Chelsea and I (and my neighbor who got us out) got stuck in the driveway!
The weather is good today so I need to get out and check out the property. Have to start putting away the stuff I brought back, water the plants, start packing for Artiscape, etc etc etc.....So much to do so little time.