Saturday, April 19, 2008

OK... MADRIS chalk technique

I thought this technique was known worrld wide by now since I have been showing it at trade shows for 2 years,LOL.
Kathy Martin of Post Modern Designs showed me the resist quality of these ink and I took it in a crazy direction by layering the inks over and over.
To begin You will need
Matte Kote or Kromekote paper (JudiKIns AKA JK)
Colorbox fluid Chalk inks in a variety of colors including alabaster, burnt sienna,yellow ochre, french blue and dark brown
Eclispe Strips (JK)
Micro Glaze (JK)

Stamp several images in alabaster chalk ink on to the MatteKote paper (if using Kromekote allow to dry).
Using the direct to paper method apply yellow ochre chalk ink over the entire surface.
buff away the excess ink with a paper towel. This should reveal a resist effect between the alabaster and yellow ochre ink.
Apply the smallest size of eclispe strips in a grid pattern over the dry inks.
Add a layer of french blue ink within the squares then buff away excess. Let dry.
Doing several cards at once will keep you occupied and less impatient!
Apply the next size up of Eclispe Tape over the last set of strips. Add burnt sienna ink, buff then add the widest tape and finish with the dark brown ink. Let it dry well. Remove all the tape then buff with a bit of Micro Glaze.


pineconegirl said...

Wow - you have excellent timing. I was searching for chalk techniques and up popped your current blog entry.
I am so happy to happened upon your blog, as you are one of my stamping inspirations. I love your work, books - you name it.

Have a spectacular day!
Marty Larson

Stephanie said...


How do I track down Kathy and PMD? Thanks.

nancy y said...

but remember - we forget easily!

Anonymous said...

Mary Jo, I've been rereading one of your older books (name? can't remember) where you talk about "double-sided masking tape" or "Mosaic tape"? I can't find anything that sound like this at JudiKins (or anywhere else for that matter). What is it? Brand name? Source? Thanks!

I'm really enjoying some of the other techniques in the book I'd forgotten--none of which involve buying new stamps!

Denise Felton said...

Fabulous technique! I can't wait to try this!