Sunday, October 12, 2008

cleaning Micro Glazze off your Stamps

I don't bother about it too much, LOL! Just use a good solvent based cleaner like JudiKins permanent fabric ink cleaner.
I have found it to be the best at getting off hard to remove junk like acrylic paint or totally dried on inks. It is also great for first time use of a stamp especially solid images. This cleaner removes the leftover silcone (from the vulcanizing) which is what causes ink to bead up so badly the first time you ink up. BEWARE, though you folks who use clear polymer stamps this is not the cleaner for you it will melt your clear stamps to jelly!


Sarah said...

Thanks, MaryJo. Ever since you talked me into buying the JudiKins cleaner, it has become my favorite. That stuff is amazing!

queenfrancie said...

Hi MaryJo,
I hope you remember us. We are the Alberta GIrls who met you in Puallup in May. We have been talking about you ever since! Did your ears burn?
We are still planning to get down to see you one of these days.Have a day with you and play. Could you send e your e-mail? I put it somewhere safe and I wanted to share some photos with you!
Take care and talk soon. We really want to have you here one of these days too!
Love your blog by the way. Have a terrific week.Francie