Saturday, May 16, 2009

Article from the past FAUX HANDMADE PAPER

Here is an old article I wrote for Altered Art Magazine. This is great fun for a hot summer day

Playing with paint and paper
Having lived in areas of the country where I had limited access to fabulous paper to purchase I began to experiment with paints and household papers like paper towels, brown paper bags, tissue paper and yes even toilet paper. By using a variety of paints and mediums you can create incredible looking papers for all your altered projects
My first preference for creating a faux handmade paper is plain old paper towel. Lay paper towel on a craft sheet so that it is easy to pull off when dry.
Start by painting on a thin layer of gesso. While the gesso is still wet add in any acrylic paint for a bit of base color. Allow this to dry well. Once dry, paint on a high gloss metallic glaze. ( Glazes dry more slowly than regular acrylics) Before the glaze dries take a dry rubberstamp apply it to the surface of the wet paint and pull off. Dry off the stamp between applications to the paper. This technique will give a rough textured design to the paper towel.
On cut up brown paper bags or kraft paper try this...
Crumpled the paper throughly then lay out flat on a craft sheet. Ironing the paper at this point will make it even softer and more pliable. Using a stiff bristle brush apply thin layers of acrylic paints in different colors over the surface while the paint is wet mix small amounts of Pearlex into the paint. Blend in with the brush. For a soft finish with no shine apply Micro Glaze over the whole piece. For a high gloss finish apply Diamond Glaze
Try playing with all your paints, glazes and powders more often, feel free to mix things together. All acrylics paints, glazes and mediums can be mixed with a wide range of other water solubale products you have like Pearl Ex , dye reinkers or water color paints

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