Monday, February 8, 2010

Upcoming stuff

Still no video from CHA. It was a bit messed up on the MAc so I turned it over to Ken at the shop to see if he could make something out of it. Time will tell.
Meanwhile this week we have Studio Play at the Downtown store using Watercolor Crayons and WC pencils. This is a great intro to water media so join us at 5:30 pm for only $10.

The big Encaustic Class is this Saturday Feb 13th which I am looking forward to since this is my favorite media. It is so immediate and yet changeable. Finding enough heating trays skillets etc has been a challenge I think I have it covered after this weekends thrift store foray. There are still 2 spaces open.

Next week we have CLUB on Wed. Fat books.... I am determined to get one done for everyone so be there to see if I make my goal. BTW we have things trickling in already from CHA Lots of new Stardream paper and the new COREdinations paper which is excellent for distress techniques, staining and sanding. It has a nice canvas like texture. I am hoping for the new distress ink colors to show up... so far every place I have ordered has them back ordered. Lots of new Pergamano tools too if you love paper piercing.

See you in Spokane!


Mariel said...

Encaustic class was wonderful! So many possibilities, my mind is reeling. It was such a fun, creative day with lots of hands-on demos from MaryJo. My only regret is that I didn't get to see what everyone had done before we left. Thanks, MaryJo, for a great and inspiring experience!

Maryjo McGraw said...

Well you are an excellent student!
It was very fun for me seeing what everyone took from it. there are alway so many different perspectives!