Monday, June 14, 2021

Oh my it's been a while

 A very long while. Some of you know that I had a heart attack back in 2017. I recovered from open heart surgery  that May and did very well immediately following.

Having said that there was no way I could have known how difficult the next few years would be and how those additional illnesses would take away my ambition, energy and stamina. I must admit until 2018 I really had no real idea what fatigue really was. You must know at this point that I thought I did, having been a legitimate sufferer of insomnia since 1985. After several years of this I had a few realizations....

#1 I could no longer teach. I could lift any weight. I could not maintain speaking for long. I could not remember basic techniques

#2 Somedays I barely had the energy to get up. Needless to say this killed my ambition which was ever present in my life up to this point in my life.

#3 I had to focus on my health.

So that really is it why I have not been around.

Now I would like to try to get back to it just for me....we shall see! No promises

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daTravellingWurfs said...

good for you. I also had a serious cardiac event in 2014 (in a foreign country no less!). To be honest it probably took me until early 2017 to feel anywhere back to normal. We just need to understand that when we need to rest - that's it we rest. I also fund that my ability to concentrate went out the window as well. I've just found your blog and looking forward to exploring it