Thursday, April 17, 2008

OOPS another Question

Altered Arts asked about the technique I show at conventions using Colorbox Chalk inks.
I usually use MatteKote Paper not Kromekote although both should work fine. The paper you might be using if it is coated and shiny could be plastic coated. Also be sure to only use Colorbox Chalk INK it is the only one that works for this!!!!!
Try letting the first layers of Bisque, alabaster or any yellows dry a bit longer before applying the second layer. Also use a strong color like a blue or red. Greens for instance are not as good for getting the resist. Let me know if this info helps!


Stephanie said...

Hi Maryjo - Would you be willing to tell us which book this technique is in? Thanks.

Heather said...

What technique with chalk inks? I LOVE my ColorBox chalk inks.