Saturday, October 14, 2017

What is the Secret Blog??????

I created the Secret Blogs a few years back so I could post ideas and concepts to my old customers/friends in a more private way with out having to travel. Many of you go out and teach classes yourselves and I am OK with you passing these ideas along.
When you join it is for a lifetime.
Right now there are 2 Secret Blogs ;
#1Just you and Me (the original secret blog) #2 the Draw & Play Secret Blog.
There are over 1200 posts with photos. 25 pages including info on Gelli Plate, art materials transfers altered books ,journals, greeting cards and much more.
I only post the info to those in the Secret Blog the info is not posted anywhere else.....although I make mistakes so be memory is not what it use to be. You get in by knowing the code and the blog secret name.
If you have joined in the past and don't remember the info contact me.
If you would like to join it is $45 for both blogs that is for a lifetime (as long as Blogger is running)
You can pay it through Pay Pal.   Contact me here or on Facebook with questions. I hope you will join us if you haven't already.
This week on the Secret Blog I will be working on a sample journal that I started several years back when I was still demonstrating often in classes and at shows.It is part of my Alphabet set of journals and altered books Letter L and is going to feature Fred Mullett Stamps and A Colorful Life Designs Stencils (use maryjo10 to get a discount when you order stencils).
This journal has many base stencils from the past several years and used lots of acrylic spray paint base(which creates some issues for future artwork). So I will be explaining how to fix problems using acrylic paint in books like dealing with stickiness and how to make different media work on acrylic.

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